User Guide

Setup Wizard

When you first log into TimeGuardian you see your dashboard. To easily setup your account, click the Try our setup wizard button to get started.

TimeGuardian Dashboard

Step 1: Save your workweek

The first step is to choose your workweek start date. This allows our system to calculate weekly overtime based on a starting day of the week.


Step 2: Save your pay period

Now choose your pay period. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly. This will set the date ranges for timecard and payroll reporting.

Pay Period

Step 3: Save your overtime rules

Our default settings will be fine for most situations. However choose the settings your company requires.

Overtime Rules

Step 4: Save your rounding rules

Rounding rules help calculate time based on how you pay your employees. For example to the exact minute, nearest quarter hour, etc. Choose what works best for your company.

Rounding Rules

Basic setup complete!

Now start entering your employee names.

Setup Complete